PROFIL interloking, decupaj segment, surfata neteda

Țigla solzi cu suprafață profilată.

roşu natur
roşu natur
NUANCE roşu cupru angoba
NUANCE roşu cupru angoba
NUANCE negru mat angoba
NUANCE negru mat angoba

Technical data

GROESSE1000159712 mm
Lăţime de acoperire max. (aprox)180 mm
Lungime acoperire medie aprox.290 mm
Dist. max. şipci (aprox.)300 mm
Dist. min. şipci (aprox.)270 mm
Necesar mediu de ţigle (aprox.)19.2 pcs/m²
greutate per m² (aprox.)48.4 kg/m²
greutate per pallet (aprox.)803 kg
Greutate/unitate de produs - buc. (aprox.)2.52 kg/piece
Buc per palet324 piece
Buc. per mini-pack6 piece


Valid for Germany
Unghi versant acoperiş DUO durabil ND extra (Germania)≥ 22 °
Unghi versant acoperiş QUATTRO durabil extra (Austria)≥ 10 °
Unghi versant acoperiş TRIO durabil extra (Germania)≥ 18 °
Valid for Austria
Unghi versant acoperiş DUO extra (Germania)≥ 25 °
Unghi versant acoperiş DUO extra (Austria)≥ 25 °

Technical informations

  • The technical drawing shown is merely an example.
  • According to the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH) rules for verge tiles, the distance between the inner edge of the verge lug and the outer edge of the gable wall or cladding must be at least 1 cm.
  • Current national rules and standards apply to the execution of roofing work. These vary from country to country (e.g. ZVDH Rules, Austrian Standards) and must be taken into consideration during execution. As manufacturer's information, CREATON-specific information about the execution of the sub-roof is also applicable and is complementary to these. You can find them in our Roof Planner or at /
  • Batten spacing / tile gauge is dependent on the roofing type and roof pitch.